Trout Rodeo

Chester Creek Trout Stocking Rodeo

Every year Delaware County Field & Stream stocks a large stretch of Chester Creek. As part of the stocking day we have volunteers who give time to help ensure the fish are stocked properly and that section of the creek is cordoned off to community fishing for the morning during and after the stocking is complete. We then allow our junior community members to fish the newly stocked area for the remainder of the morning. The creek is opened back to the community to fish the remaining stocked trophy trout at the completion of the junior derby.

We stock hundreds of trout that day and our junior members catch a fraction of the stocked fish. The community benefits from the stocking as fish are available the rest of the season and even through to the next year. To help support our stocking and conservation efforts we sell Delaware County Field & Stream fishing program pins. These pins are available at most club events and through the club office.

Members can bring their junior to fish that day free of charge! Just bring a fishing pole, appropriate footwear (muddy, wet wear), and a net.

Our 2014 Fish Derby is completed. See some pictures from the event below.