Table Trap

DCFSA – Table Trap Shotgun Range

2017 Table Trap MatchesDelco Table Trap Range


  • March 12 …………….. Fun Shoot
  • April 9 ………………. Fun Shoot
  • May 21 ………………… Mother’s Day Shoot
  • June 11 ……………….. Tom O. Memorial
  • September 10 ……….. Fun Shoot
  • October 8 …………  Duck Shoot
  • November 12 …  Redneck Shoot

All matches are $5.00 and start at 12 noon.
Each shoot consists of 25 shots.
No shot size larger than #8, target loads only, no high brass.

All members are welcome, young and old, come out and have some fun!


Delaware County Table Trap Fun Shoot 09/08/13

Photo Credit – Vincent DiAngelus

Redneck Fun Shoot 11/10/2013


Table Trap, Not Just a Place to Start Out (Originally published in the DCF&S CLUB NEWS March 2012)

Table Trap is usually thought of as an entry level shotgun range but at DCF&S we offer much more.

The Table Trap range consists of 8 manually operated machines that are used to throw clay birds (targets) out into the field for shooting. The machines can be loaded with one or two birds based on the shooter’s preference. Each machine has a throwing arm that is manually cocked and activated. The arm receives the power needed to throw the clay bird from a large spring that is tensioned when the arm is cocked.

The machines are divided into three groups with each of the groups being identified by a spring color. Although difficult to see by watching them operate, the machines using a yellow spring are the slowest and the ones using a red spring are the fastest with the blue spring operating at a middle speed. The faster (or stiffer) the spring that is being used, the more energy is available to throw the clay and the quicker and further it will travel. Within each spring color the machines are positioned at slightly different angles so shooting at yellow spring on position 3 will be different than shooting at yellow on spring position 6.

To use the machines you need to bring your shotgun, shells and clay birds. There is no ticket or additional cost required. The machines are designed to be used with two people, one to operate the machine and a shooter standing in the shooters box. The machine can be loaded to throw singles or doubles by loading a single bird on the top or bottom rail for singles or one bird on both the top and bottom rail for doubles.

For safe operation there are a few addition rules above those acceptable for safe firearms handling. The largest shot size on this range is limited to #8s or smaller. This rule is in place due to the proximity of the equipment to the property line. Shot larger than #8 retains more energy in the air so it can travel a longer distance and has the potential to leave the club property line. The use of high brass or magnum loads is also prohibited for the same reason. The use of shotguns that are designed to be shot from the hip like defense-style pistol-grip models are not permitted. The use of these shotguns raised concern over muzzle control when they were seen being fired from the hip. The rules also limit the number of shell that can be loaded to 1 shell for each bird being thrown. If you’re shooting singles you can only load 1 shell, if you’re shooting doubles you can load two shells. There is also no back-up shooting or cross-shooting permitted. Other rules apply to the range so we would ask that you refer to you copy of the blue range rules book, follow them and ask questions if you have any.

As mentioned above the Table Trap range offers more than just a place to practice. The 2012 season opens with the annual kielbasa match on March 11th. As you may have guessed the winners are awarded kielbasa as their prize. There will be six additional matches held through November including matches on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day then ending the season with the annual duck shoot and redneck shoot. All the matches are popular with these final two having an extra fun twist. For the duct shoot participants may be required to make shots from a seated position after laying in a duck-boat. For the redneck shoot almost anything goes, like shooting from inside an outhouse or through the open window of a pickup truck. If you think that you may have an interest in what we do please stop by the range our Range Officers are available most Sundays. Hope to see you at the Table Trap range.

Tom O’Chuida, CRO