Rimfire Rifle Range

The Rimfire Rifle Range at Delaware County Field & Stream offers multiple target range and reactive range (plinking) options for rimfire rifles. This range is limited to rimfire ammunition including a special section for magnum rimfire and .17 rimfire target practice. CENTER FIRE AMMO IS NOT PERMITTED Our range offers 50 foot positions for paper targets in lanes A – B – C – D with options for 25 yard and 50 yard targets in lanes 1-10. Lane 5 – 8 offer reactionary targets that will “fall over” when shot then a simple pull of a handle will reset the targets allowing you to shoot again. Each numbered lane also offers a bell and a mounting system for your paper targets.

Rimfire Range.  All 50 yd positions closed on match dates until 12:30
The Rimfire range will be closed until 2:00 on:
Sept. 9. Junior Field Day
Sept. 23. NHF Day
Oct. 14 Ladies Day

The electronic resetting targets are now working. Push the button once and release.  It will take a few seconds to reset then the ram will return by itself.  If the power is out, it will not work.  Don’t  press over and over or hold the button. Do not make ANY attempt to fix the system. Notify the office if there is a problem.


Rim fire bench range

Winter Smallbore Rifle Offhand League

Matches are not open to the general public.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Metallic Silhouette Competition Rules

Rimfire Rifle Bench Rest Match Rules

Benchrest Clinic – Bill McIntyre