Archery Range


Archery range closed September 27th from 8 – 2:30 for NHF day and Scouts.


Crossbow Rules

● Cross bows may shot from any position at the Archery Broad-Head range.

● Cross-bows may shoot field points or broad-heads at the Broad-head range.

● Cross-bows must be cocked at the firing line only.

● Walking with a cocked bow is not permitted.

● Cross-bow bolts may only be installed at the firing line and immediately before making a shot.  Bolts should not remain in a coked cross-bow for an extended period of time.  The cross-bow must be pointed down range whenever it is cocked with or without having a bolt installed.

● The intent is that the cross-bow will be fired in a reasonable time after cocking the cross-bow and the cross-bow will not be left cocked for an extended time or during a cease fire.  It is the archer’s responsible to make sure they have a bolt available to install in the cross-bow before they cock it so the bow can be let down by firing it.  If the archer discovers a problem that prevents them from installing a bolt or from firing the cross-bow to discharge it the empty cross-bow (NO BOLT INSTALLED) must be hung pointing up in a vertical position from a provided hook during the cease fire.

● As with other archery equipment, handling of cross-bows or bolts during a cease-fire is not permitted.



Archery Matches

Please See Event Calendar For Updated Schedules.



Chief Range Officer

  •     Bill Truitt

Assistant Chief Range Officer

  • Fran Fritz

Range Officer

  •     Brian Fritz
  •     Rodger Jordan
  •     Rick Egick
  •    Jennifer Stafford

Junior Range Officers

  •     Mason Peck


Archery- More to Offer Than Only The Upper Range (Published in the July 2012 CLUB NEWS)

Archery… much more to offer than what you see on the upper range.  Have you been to the Archery range lately?  Many have and use of the range is increasing between both established and new archery shooters but if you haven’t been here in a while I’d like to let you know about what we have to offer.  Officers of the range have always made a point to make improvements but a number of new additions have been made recently.

First a little background.  The Archery range is really made up of three ranges.  The upper or flat range, the broad head range and the field course.  Each of these ranges serves a slightly different purpose.  The upper flat range is a traditional range with targets at various distances out to 80 yards.  Shooters using this range are limited to conventional bows including long, re-curve and compound.  All shooting is limited to the use of field-points, no broad-heads are permitted on this range.  The reason for the field-point rule is that broad-heads, the larger tips that are design for hunting and made up of razor sharp edges, will cut a large swath from the targets bails.  Our club spends several thousand dollars on targets each year to support this range and the use of broad-heads would drastically reduce the life of these targets.

The second range is located to the right of the flat range, slightly down the field-course path.  This range has been historically used to shoot broad-heads and most recently has been approved for cross-bows.  The target backers that are used on this range are rebuilt from pieces of backers that have been retired form the flat range and since these targets are virtually free of charge we do permit broad-heads to be used here.  Both the flat range and the broad-head share a common elevated platform, tree stand.

The third range is probably the one that is least know since it is actually located in the wooded are of the club from the entrance point by the broad-head range to an area located beyond the Skeet range and not visible from the parking area. Like the flat range, the field-course is limited to the use of field- points.  The Field-Course has a number of shooting lanes with bails and targets and most recently has had 16 to 20 full sized 3-D animals placed throughout the course that remain out for regular practice shooting.  The Filed-Course also has 4 elevated platforms, tree stands, that can be used at any time to practice downward shooting so with the tree stands and natural topography of the course shooters can practice up hill, down hill and flat shooting.

The Archery range is active, holding 6 matches this year.  We also participate in annual club activities including scouting, youth day, ladies day and NHF day.  If you are interested in giving archery a try range officers can work with you to borrow any of the club owned equipment including long-bows, re-curves and compound bows so there is no need for you to spend any money to see if archery is something you may like.

As Chief of the Archery range I’d like to extend an open invitation for anyone to stop by and give archery a try.  Since we are a volunteer club the best way contact an officer is to leave your name, phone or email with the club office.

Hope to see you at the Archery Range.

-Archery Range Officers