Trap Green Bird Match Results

A great Trap Green Bird Match on a brisk January day.

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May 2700 Pistol Match Results

Pistol 2700 Match Results – May 1st 2016


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2016 Grist Mill Junior Fishing Tournament

Even with the change of date due to cold rain and snow….the kids took to the ponds for fishing at the end of April with great excitement. Even with 75 kids fishing it never felt crowded…unless you were in line for one of the great prizes given for the tagged fish. A big thank you to Eric for organizing this great event.

A special thanks to all the Junior Committee members (bright green shirts) who helped kids of all ages with setup, catching, and cleaning their fish!

2016-04-24 11.03.53Junior Committee Delaware County Field and Stream

All the volunteers really pulled together to make this one special day for a lot of kids – and their families.

With Bill, John, and Mary holding down the food tables and teasing everyone for putting ketchup on hotdogs….the youth still enjoyed the free lunch of hotdogs, pretzels, cookies, and drinks.







Photos by Vincent DiAngelus & Jean Young

Smallbore Benchrest Results April 17

Thanks to all who made the match a success.  Special thanks to Jim Siti for his help scoring.
X means winner.  Prizes will be available in the club office by Wednesday.
X  1.  Jeff M.      95-2
X  2.  George R. 94-3
    3.  Pam G.      93-3
    4.  Mike G       93-2
    5.  Joe N         92-1
Sporter Iron
X  1.  Noel V       91-2
X  2.  Charlie T    91
    3.  Carl C        89-2
    4.  Vince D      75
Sporter Scope
2016-04-17 11.14.25
X  1.  Gino S       100-6
X  2.  Charlie T     99-5
X  3.  Bud F          95-4
X  4.  Jeff M          95-3
    5.  Jim A           94-3
    5.  Rex R          94-3
    7.  Joe N          90-1
    7.  Pam G        90-1
    7.  Rudy G       90-1
   10. George R    87
Target Iron
X  1.  Rex R        100-4
    2.  Bud F.          99-4
    3.  Bill  Mc        99-4
Target Scope
X  1. Perry Mc    98
X  2. Mike G       97
X  3. Rudy G      95
    4. Jay Bower 94
    5. Jim A         93
    6. Rex R        90
    7. Bud F        88
X  1. Bill Mc      99
    2. Rudy G     98
    2. Perry Mc  98
    4. Bud F       95

Good Friday Cleanup – Ranges Closed March 25th

We wanted to send you a reminder that our annual work day will be held Friday March 25th
2013-03-28 23.16.46
  • Lunch will be provided for those available to help complete projects around the club.
  • The office and all of the Delaware County Field & Stream ranges will be closed for the day.
  • Anyone interested in helping at the work day is asked to meet at the club any time on Friday. Feel free to stop by any range you wish to help or the club office for a list of needs.
Please contact a club officer or call the club office 610-872-9728 if you would like more details. No minimum time required.  Any help you can provide helps us complete projects for less money helping to keep costs down.
Thank you

April Annual Fish Meeting – April 6th

The 2016 Delaware County Field & Stream Annual Fish Meeting will be held April 6th starting at 8pm

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Air Rifle Field – Cleanup Progress

Our Air Field Course has been down for some time and George and crew have been working to clear the major damage. We had to get some heavy equipment and a few trained hands because of the extent and size of the trees down. Although the range is still closed we have some images and expect the range to be open for member use in the very near future. I’ve been told the area is wide open and should be interesting once the targets and lane markers are in place.

PART_1452886596809_20160115_140833 PART_1452886596859_20160115_141306 PART_1452886625721_20160115_142603 PART_1452886625765_20160115_142620 PART_1452886625799_20160115_142616

2016 Board of Directors

On a chilly night January 5th 2016 the new Board of Directors was sworn in to serve their post for the coming year. Best of luck to everyone involved.


December 20th Smallbore Benchrest Match

What a turnout at the match today. The lot was full and a large turnout was attributed to the mild winter weather and a well run event. Even with the bigger crowd the match ran smoothly and everyone was able to complete their targets without much waiting.

2015-12-20 10.55.37 (1024x768)

The pictures, winners, and match results below!


Sporter Scope
1x   Gino S                         97-6
2x   Charlie T                      97-3
3x   Pam Gq                       95-4
3x   Bud F                          95-4
3x   Bill Mc                         95-4
6     Carl C                          94-3
6     Jeff M                          94-3
8     Joe N                           94-2
9     Andrea D                     92-2
10   Angelo D                     91-1
11   Don T                          90-1
Sporter Iron
1x   Noels V                        83
2    Charlie T                       80-1
3    Chuck O                       80
4    Vince D                         79
Target Scope
1x  Mike G                          96
2x  Ken P                            95
3X  JIM A                            94
4    Guy S                            94
5    Bob V                            91
6    Bud F                            90
7    Al V                               83
Target Iron
1x  Bud F                        100-8
2    Bill Mc                       100-3
3    Rex Russel                  99-5
4    Guy S                          94-2
1x  Bud F                        97
1x  Bill Mc                       97
2    George R                  88
Air Rifle
1x  Jeff M                       96-3
2    George R                  94-2
3    Mike G                      79-1
4    Joe N                        79
Winners may pick up prizes in the Main Office.
Thanks again for  your support,
Len D. – CRO

Marker Flags Along Driveway

There have been many questions regarding the red, pink, and white flags along the drive as you enter the club property. This area has been staked by Sunoco Logistics for the Mariner East 2 Pipeline.

Sunoco is currently in negotiations with Delaware County Field and Stream for an easement to allow the pipeline and a work area across our property. The flags represent the easement request and work area for their initial request.

There is one additional stake that represents a test area to take a core sample by drilling a small hole deep into the ground.

2015-11-25 15.08.02